Safe Rack App

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protect your vehicle and gear from dangerous, low-clearance areas


Add Locations that could harm your vehicle & gear

  • Add locations using your current location or by address
  • Add private locations like your home garage
  • Share locations that other users may want to watch out for
  • Choose a distance from the location where you'd like to be notified

Receive Notifications As You Approach

  • Get notified to check your vehicle and remove any gear that could be damaged
  • Have a text message sent to your phone
  • Receive an email reminding you you're nearing a marked location
  • Receive a Push Notification / Alert

Find Locations Other Users Have Shared

  • Find locations within a certain distance from you
  • Find locations by searching by city and state
  • Choose from locations that other users have shared
  • Choose from and add thousands of bridges and tunnels across the US